Thursday, 15 March 2012

Character Design

Didnt have much time today, so this evening I decided i would mock up the first rough for the character as quickly as possible, as a kind of test and a bit of practise..
Quite happy with the results, I've definitely improved since my last attempts at making a character..
The skintones dont look quite right against the background, but what can you do, its only a rough i suppose.
More to come!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mock-GTA:Glasgow Sillhouettes

Right so another project im doing for uni at the moment is the concept art for a new Grand Theft Auto game, naturally, ive chosen to focus on Glasgow..
I've sketched ideas for the characters but haven't done an awful lot on the computer yet..
Heres some pre-emptive silhouettes for the main character sheet, some refining will obviously need done especially to the proportions of the top right version.
Can't wait to get torn into this again tomorrow!

D&AD Competition entry

This was my entry for the 2012 Design & Art Directors Student Award Competition..
Its Ryan Gosling in Drive, the brief was to produce a cover for the Little White Lies Competition..
Portraits aren't something i've done alot of.. infact this was my first digital portrait so it took a long time. Definitely learnt alot from the process, on with the next one!