Monday, 30 January 2012

Flash Animation

An attempt at flash animation, check it out.
Was good fun to make, its nice to try out a different program for a change.. i can see the potential for some website projects in the (probs distant) future..

Note: theres something hidden in the second scene, move the mouse about the screen and maybe you'll find it

Sunday, 29 January 2012

New Leaf

Ok, so i've decided im taking a new leaf as far as blog posting goes.. meaning you can expect much more regular posts from me as of this point.. I will try to keep yall updated on my creative activities! Right now, the near-future holds:
  • A new trimester of uni.. to be honest anything could be better course-wise than last term.. although the work was quite fun.
  • My D&AD Student Awards Entry .. Doing a movie poster for recent blockbuster 'Drive' .. its a mock cover illustration for the movie mag 'little white lies' which features a portrait of the movies main character, along with a typeface and background.. should be fun!
Going to start correlating reference images and sketches for a new personal project.. some widescreen format landscapes of different areas of Glasgow, with a twist..

Keep tuned! This is gunna be a big year for jME

Viking Project

Had a 'mapping' brief for my personal project.. thinking outside the box, i thought what if there was a map, leading to .. a lost viking citadel! wheyy! crackin idea, so i started this...
Although i've handed in a version, im still working on it.. have been making some changes and adding more details, will post the finished piece up soon so keep an eye oot!

Viking Project .. Submitted Version

Same except with bits of torn up map acting as a cruddy border
Another image from the same animation project..

Conscious mind

My own representation of the conscious mind, done as part of an animation project in uni .. its a digital matte painting, my first attempt at such a piece, and it really did open up a world of creative potential.. the first of many!
The piece is slightly rushed however I feel this roughness adds to the murky atmosphere of the portrayed mindset!

Book Intervention Project

Time for something different ...
This was a book 'intervention' project I did for Uni..
We had to create a piece using or utilizing a book..
I went to an antique shop called Relics down Otago Lane in Glasgow's West End where I found two volumes of an old Imperial Lexicon from the 1800's .. expecting some terrifying defensive ghosts to pop out as i tried to rip it apart, i opted first to create a clay model hand.. its made with air-drying clay and some modelling tools.. i used some wire mesh as an armature/skeleton then kind of wrapped it in two flat slabs of clay, the rest is a sort of hazy blur but after a few hours of careful attention it looked like the first two pictures! then resorted to goring the middle of the book out with two (one snapped) stanley blades.. really enjoyed this project and totally amazed at how well the hand turned out... its in no way perfect i know but considering its a first venturing with clay, i'm pretty pleased with it.

A Return..

I apologize for the massive period of inactivity, It is now time for some updates..
Found an old website template I made when i was about 15 by doing some google searches.. back then I used the name 'Seki'.. dont ask.. I used it as my gamertag playing such retro classics as Counter Strike and Call of Duty 1.. Its funny how old long-lost memorabilia pops up at the strangest of times.. If i member correctly me and the friend I designed this with (he edited the content boxes) sold this for a pretty decent sum of money.