Sunday, 8 August 2010

So I decided to try out my new dip pen

Relatively quick character concept for a personal project me and a friend are working on.
I only really did this so i had something to colour in with my amazing new graphics tablet and recently acquired photoshop.. but it gave me the chance to try out a dip pen I got for my 21st as well.. Really enjoyed using it, don't know why i've avoided getting one for so long!
Anyway.. this chaps a kind of post-apocalyptic take on a bedouin.. in the not so distant future he and his fellow nomadic peoples would be found travelling around the badlands of the middle east culling mutants and ambushing enemies with thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the landscape, with technology not too different to that found in these areas today.. except for one difference, due to excessive levels of radiation from a cataclysmic nuclear event (that will be explained in more detail in the future) : they have to wear gas masks

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